Introducing: Ursula DeLight

Hey ya’ll!

I’m Ursula and I’ll be the one (hopefully) entertaining you within the pages of this blog. I just want to use this first post to explain a little bit about why I’ve started this blog and what you can expect from it.

I am a wife, a mother, a passionate home cook, a pinup girl, and a lover of tattoos. At least, that’s what I am now. I’m starting this blog because I kind of lost myself after I separated from the Air Force a couple years ago. I enlisted straight out of high school so I suppose you could say that my job was my identity for most of my young adult life. When Hubby and I decided to start a family, it became clear to us that we could not both stay in the military because we were both in high deployment tempo careers. It simply made sense for me to become a stay-at-home-mom. I have absolutely loved being able to be there for all of my daughter’s (whom I shall affectionately refer to as The Noisy Thing) milestones but somewhere along the way, I found myself without an identity of my own. I was having trouble with my weight after The Noisy Thing was born and I never wore anything but yoga pants. Even after I got my weight under control, I struggled to figure out who I was aside from just a wife and mother.

Cue my wonderful friend Bella Bon Voyage! A few months ago Bella started her blog and convinced me that I should finally embrace the vintage/pinup style that we both loved so much because it was helping her heal from similar circumstances. And you know what? She was right! After only a few weeks of doing vintage hair styles, makeup, and clothes nearly every day, I felt like I at least knew who I was again.


Flash forward to this past weekend: Bella convinced me to go out with her and take some fun pinup photos with her since we are moving from Germany to Baltimore next week and something magical happened. As we shot, we’d stop periodically to look at the pictures and I couldn’t believe my eyes. On the screen of that camera was a (relatively) thin woman with loads of self confidence! I could hardly recognize myself because I hadn’t felt as confident as I looked in those pictures in a very long time.


I had thought about starting a blog for some time but just couldn’t come up with a very good idea. I have always loved cooking and have really gotten into healthy cooking in the last year or so (let me tell you, not easy for an Arkansas comfort food kind of gal!). I’m also a wife and mother and have quite a few tattoos. With this new pinup style, everything finally clicked into place and I found my niche. In the pages of this blog, you will find recipes, musings on family, and posts about my personal style. I do not claim to be an expert in any of these things but I am passionate about them all!




All Photos Credit: You Are My Sunshine Photography